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Lucid Arts Consulting converts the concept of public art to a multi-dimensional reality that adds significant value to new home development, particularly for master-planned communities and mixed-use communities, in urban or suburban settings. Carla Neuss brings notable education, experience and skill sets to Lucid Arts Consulting and the collaborative team she leads helps to build authentic community. It is generated from Lucid’s grassroots partnering with the people who contribute to HOA’, arts councils, schools and cultural networks. In turn, that authenticity informs our outreach, whether for feature stories, social media, special events or other elements of publicity and communications. We welcome our opportunities to work with Lucid Arts Consulting on a variety of projects.

– Rebecca Hardin, Principal, Open Line Communications

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John Burns Real Estate Consulting

As supported by our own national consumer research, “Art” is an incredible way to engage consumers of all lifestages and lifestyles from throughout the world in “community”. In addition, more than 50% of new home shoppers nationally want “art” in their community in many forms. LAC brings a fresh new approach to adding culture and community to new community designs.

– Mollie Carmichael, Principal, John Burns Real Estate Consulting

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Summers Murphy & Partners, Inc

As an arts and culture Consulting Liaison, LAC’s ability and knowledge allows for a concise planning and integration of ‘Art in Public Places’ throughout community design. We highly recommend LAC to anyone considering these special talents as needed for any project.

– Pat Murphy,  President, SMP, Inc.


Woodbridge Pacific Group

We would strongly recommend LAC to any organization that wants to pursue a Public Art Initiative. Their consultants met with key community stakeholders for our masterplan project and developed a comprehensive arts integration strategy aimed at value-added to the homebuyer. LAC’s work with our builders, marketing team, and focus groups has been invaluable to creating a truly distinct community.

– Karen Spargo, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Woodbridge Pacific Group

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Roxburgh Agency

If you are considering a public art component within a residential community, mixed use neighborhood, public complex or commercial development LAC is the best advisor to manage this intricate and sensitive process for optimum results. LAC gets the art of “placemaking”.

– Claudia Roxburgh, President, Roxburgh Agency

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